Are These Really Compression Socks?

Compression being an integral part of an athlete’s work out and also their day-to-day isn’t news.  Compression helps in muscle recovery, fighting fatigue, vein health, DVT prevention, and travel.  We recently brought a new compression company into the store at Fleet Feet Winston-Salem, Lily Trotter.  Lily Trotter is a female-owned, USA based company out of Baltimore.  They make women’s specific compression socks in tons of fun colors and patterns like S’Mitten, Om, and Holiday Stripes! 

These socks have a 15-20 mmHg graduated compression level, for those of us that love the feel of compression but want something less constricting. The tightest compression point is at the ankle and then reduces as it reaches your knees.  We all know the struggle of getting certain types compression socks on and off.  Lily Trotter compression features Easy On and Easy Off weave, making on and off a breeze while still being functional and comfortable. They also have an antimicrobial treatment in the fabric and a moisture wicking finish to ensure comfort during your long run or you long days.  

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