Why We Do Test-Drives

You may have seen or participated in a shoe test-drive at one of our recent runs and walks and found yourself wondering what they are or why we do them.

Test-drives are simply a chance to run in a shoe, usually a very new model, from one of our vendor partners. We usually host the test-drive concurrently with a training program run or a fun run and our vendor partners will bring full size runs in one or two featured shoes. The vendor is there to highlight a new item and generate interest in their product but that’s not the only reason we participate. First, we like to add a little variety to the runs and we enjoy being able to have refreshments or a treat for you in the store. Second, by trying the shoe out in a real-world situation, not just a few minutes on the treadmill, you may find a shoe that you truly love and want to make your next shoe. But most importantly, each test-drive gives you a chance to expand your running shoe vocabulary, to hone in on what you like and what you don’t. Think of test-drives as a wine tasting for your feet – you may try something out and love it and want to buy it on the spot, or, just as often you my try something that just isn’t your flavor and you can just spit it out hand them over and put your own trusty shoes back on. You may even want to make some notes about the shoe – maybe you liked the cushioning but it just didn’t fit right and you may want to check out another model with the same technology next time you’re looking for a new shoe. We’re a little spoiled working here at a running store, we try everything we sell and get to run in many different brands and styles, so we get to know what we like and what we don’t very well. If you take the opportunities at our test-drives you get to have a lot of that benefit, and it’s just plain fun, too! Join us for a test-drive soon, we have two in early April and add events all the time.

Thursday April 3rd at Fleet Feet KingsPointe featuring the new Asics Cumulus 16 and Nimbus 16

Monday, April 7th at Fleet Feet Blue Dome featuring the Mizuno Rider 17 and Inspire 10.


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