Train With Us This Winter/Spring!

Ever considered joining a training program? Training programs are a great way to stay motivated and be a part of a like-minded social group (in other words, have more fun while you train). 

We have a number of different programs that have either just started or will be starting very soon: 
No Boundaries I, 5K Training for Beginner Runners - starts 1/8/18: 
No Boundaries II, 5K Training for Intermediate Runners - starts 1/8/18: 
Walk FIT Camp, 5K Training for Walkers - starts 1/15/18: 
Pathways, 10K Training for Intermediate Runners - started 12/11/18: 
Walk FIT Distance, 10K Training for Intermediate Walkers - started 12/11/18: 
Halfer In Training, Half Marathon Training - starts 1/8/18
Marathoner In Training, Full Marathon Training - starts 1/8/18: 
Mountain Goats Trail Club Training - starts 1/7/18: 
Fleet Feet Bike Training - starts 3/25/18: 

A lot to take in - for sure. With as many programs that we have, there's one that is perfect for you and will help you meet your goals this winter and spring! If you have any questions, give us a call at 918-492-3338!

Saturday morning workouts rotate between our stores - and a lot of people show up every week to train!

Get your workout in, meet new friends, and have FUN!

Learn how to train on the trails of Turkey Mountain

Learn how to ride your bike with a group on open roads

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