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Meet The Topo Atmos

When you are looking for comfort and cushion, look no further than the Topo Atmos.

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Topo’s first max cushion road shoe gives you plenty of cushion and comfort under your feet for daily training, long runs, walks or standing all day. It features Topo’s signature wide toe box that gives your toes plenty of room to wiggle, while the midfoot and heel give you a nice secure fit. So walk longer, run farther and spend more time on your feet in the Topo Atmos.

  • Upper: Breathable, recycled engineered mesh with Topo’s signature shape that is wide in the forefoot, while being secure in the midfoot and heel
  • Midsole: Reformulated Zipfoam™ midsole provides a soft, lightweight and responsive ride with plenty of zip. There is a slight beveling in the heel and toe to give you a gentle rocking sensation, but less so than other maximum cushioned shoe models


Who It’s Best For

The Topo Atmos is a great shoe for someone who is looking for a maximum cushion shoe with a wide toe box. It provides plenty of cushion for everyday training.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love how Topo translated its signature fit and feel into something with more cushion underneath your foot so you can feel comfortable all day long.
Discover the game-changing comfort of Atmos!

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