FIT 2.0 - A whole new view on FIT

Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa is proud to introduce FIT 2.0! A process designed to take our existing FIT process to the next level by assessing individual runners and walkers needs.

FIT 2.0 examines how posture, foot strike and cadence impact the efficiency of your body in motion. This is another tool to help you stay active, prevent injuries, and reach your fitness goals.  The FIT 2.0 process offers you an interactive review of your current running or walking gait, while our original FIT Process still adds value by focusing on foot shape, foot size, and basic biomechanics.

Empower yourself by increasing your knowledge of your own body in motion. Our enhanced video analysis will provide insight to knee bend, striking angles, and posture to help you stay injury free and active.

FIT 2.0 is available at both Fleet Feet KingsPointe and Fleet Feet Blue Dome, no appointment is necessary for this complimentary service. 

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