Enhance Your Miles With Currex Insoles

Insoles can provide a simple solution to problems like foot pain or heel slippage in your shoe. With three different arch profiles and a wide range of sizes, there’s a Currex insole to support every foot type.

Currex RunPro Insoles

RunPro insoles are designed for comfort and performance. With a flexible arch and just enough rigidity, they make each stride more efficient. 

Currex RunPro High ProfileCurrex RunPro Medium ProfileCurrex RunPro Low Profile

 CURREX RUNPRO insoles have flexible support with just the right level of rigidity. It’s no surprise that experienced runners in a blind study at the German Sport University Cologne chose RUNPRO for comfort. No running shoe is complete without CURREX RUNPRO.

These everyday insoles have a low-profile heel cup for extra cushion and shock absorption.

Currex SUPPORTSTP Insoles

Taking care of your feet is crucial. From reduced stress on your legs to plantar fasciitis relief, here are four ways you might benefit from insoles.

Currex insole going into a shoe

CURREX® RUNPRO™ Insoles | Dynamic Insoles for Running Shoes

  • Flexible support and shock absorbing cushioning from heel to toe help reduce fatigue, prevent common running injuries, and boost performance.
  • Dynamic arch support insole with a deep decoupled heel cup fits, wraps and locks the heel in place to improve stability, reduce pressure, and provide a perfect fit.
  • Rebound cushioning and controlled power transmission provide faster regeneration and powerful propulsion with every stride.
  • Performance insoles feature a zero heel drop, providing the best fit in most running shoes with optimized motion for all running foot strikes.
  • Moisture wicking and odor absorbing premium foam cushioning keeps feet dry and running shoes fresh.

Woman putting a Currex insole into a shoe

No running shoe is complete without CURREX RUNPRO.


Benefits of RUNPRO™

1. Deep Decoupled Heel Cup

For perfect fit, wrap and lock

2. Bamboo Mid Layer

For moisture wicking and charcoal to reduce odor

3. PORON® Heel Cushion

For rebound and shock absorption

4. 3D Dynamic Arch

For anatomic support, dynamic stability and for less fatigue


For maximum rebound and powerful propulsion

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