Celebrate Mom

Mother's Day

She was patient with you while you tried on shoe after shoe after shoe. She smiled calmly when you decided you hated them all, or that the colors simply wouldn’t do, or that the laces were stupid. She asked questions that made you roll your eyes and she made you run around in them. She drove you to every store and carried herself with purpose. When you finally, at last, discovered the hidden gem of a shoe you definitely needed now in your life today and it was exactly what you had been looking for though you could never have articulated their utter perfection to her or anyone else – when you finally settled on that pair of shoes, she opened her purse and paid for them.

This Mother’s Day, consider returning the favor. Bring Mom in for a Fleet Feet fitting on May 7From 10-4 on Saturday, we will celebrate Mom by letting her put her feet up while she enjoys a cold mimosa. We'll pamper her with soft socks and great fitting shoes, all at her own pace. When she's ready to go, we'll give her a gift with purchase and send her on her way with a smile.  Then you can show her how grateful you are for all those shoe shopping excursions with one just for her.

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