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April Sustainability Highlight #1

Discover the groundbreaking but not earth shattering innovation of the Hylo Impact.



An eco-conscious design that doesn't compromise on performance, allowing runners to maximize their performance while leaving a positive impact on the planet.

Tech Details:

-The lightweight knitted upper, crafted from 100% bio-based nylon derived from castor beans, ensures enhanced comfort and water repellency.

-Engineered with HyperBolt™ technology, the midsole offers superior cushioning and stability, complemented by PureGlide™ geometry for responsive performance.

-The insole, molded for enhanced support, contains 20% bio-based foam.

-The outsole, inspired by Formula 1 tires, boasts 60% natural rubber for durability and traction.

-B Corp certified with a score of 104.3, these shoes are where sustainability meets performance.

Plus, with 40% CleanTech™ materials, Hyloop™ recycling, and vegan-friendly construction, it's the eco-conscious runner's choice.

Join us on Monday, April 15th at 5:30 pm to take it for a real run at our Monday run club! 



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