Superfeet Help You Get High-Heels.

Heels are bad for our bodies, particularly our ankles and forefoot. But heels are deeply ingrained in fashion and the workplace. At least the logic and science of the medical community is now trying to coexist with the aesthetics of this segment of female culture.

Reuters recently posted an article on its health blog Zawya about how women can wear heels but combat their negative effects. Among these tips are:

  1. Wearing proper shoes and orthotics on “non-heel” days to relieve forefoot pressure.

  2. Taping the big toe with medical tape, like RockTape.

Fleet Feet Sports, Syracuse carries the line of Superfeet Me High Heel inserts, along with the new line of Superfeet casual shoes with support built in. If your customer must wear heels, we posit orthotics that can be worn in the high heel shoes to provide better ankle stability and relieve forefoot pressure.

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