Socktober: CEP Compression Promotes Circulation

CEP Compression socks are a surprisingly effective over-the-counter tool for a huge number of common foot and lower-extremity ailments.

Another Fleet Feet Sports store recently received a letter from a customer who was referred there by a doctor to find shoes to help her foot pain. She was also suffering from considerable swelling and discomfort and needed help.

The Fleet Feet Sports expert she worked with discussed graduated compression socks as an option to provide enough support to open her veins and encourage the swelling to go down. The woman returned the next day to report that her comfort level was 10 percent before and 90 percent after compression socks.

Fleet Feet Sports carries medical-grade graduated compression socks by CEP, whose parent company is a German medical company called Medi. CEP’s socks are made of non-cotton, technical materials that wick moisture, regulate temperature and decrease the likelihood of skin irritation. And the socks are medically rated for the necessary 20 to 25mmHG to improve circulation.

All of our CEP compression products are on sale during the month of October. One pair is 10 percent off; two pairs are 15 percent off; three pairs are 20 percent off.

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