Socks Matter, and here's why

By Michele Maciejewski

We really talk a lot about socks at Fleet Feet Sports. We tell runners about the importance of good, moisture-wicking socks and staff stress the differences in each brand and type we carry. We really need to talk about why socks should matter to medical patients, too.

The College of Podiatry in London recently recently released a study about the rise in fungal infections caused by the new sockless fashion trend.

A fact often passed on to Fleet Feet customers is that the average person sweats about a half pint of moisture per day from their feet during normal activity. This obviously increases with higher intensity exercise, hotter climates, etc.

Medical patients, particularly those with neuropathy and skin conditions, need to pay attention to the types of socks they wear in order to avoid fungal infections and other issues that occur in the warm, damp environment encouraged by a cotton-swathed foot.

When you are recommending shoes and inserts to patients, don’t forget to mention the appropriate socks to protect their skin inside these great shoes.

Fleet Feet Sports carries many types of socks: synthetic, merino wool, compressive, therapeutic (non-binding top, for neuropathy and/or diabetics) to fit every type of person. And socks are always buy four, get one free!

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