Diabetic Travel Tips

Most diabetic patients are used to taking their shoes off during doctor appointments. Foot health is a big area of concern for people with diabetes. During times of holiday travel, when people visit new or different locations where they may walk more than usual, this should not be forgotten.

A recently published article from Diabetes in Control, a news source for medical professionals, highlights the potential problems a diabetic should be aware of when traveling and how to avoid/treat them.

Everyone should equip themselves properly for travel, but diabetics need to pay particular care because their condition makes them more susceptible to numbness, discomfort and pain. Neuropathy can also complicate the situation when a diabetic suffers from that sensation loss.

Diabetics should get fitted for shoes that may offer extra space for nerve issues, inserts that may have memory foam to accommodate swelling and therapeutic socks that don’t cut into their lower limbs.

Fleet Feet Sports, Syracuse’s experts are equipped to advise your diabetic patients about all these products, and we carry Superfeet inserts and Feetures socks to keep them comfortable when traveling.

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