All Superfeet inserts now on sale!

When trying to find an effective insole for your patients, it all comes down to shape.

​The foot evolved to operate on three-dimensional terrain, but almost everything in our modern world is hard and flat—especially when talking about skating, court sports and turf fields. Since nothing in nature is as hard and flat, our feet are being stressed as they adapt to such foreign surfaces.

Superfeet started as an extension of a local podiatry office that wanted to help people with their foot pain. These inserts customize many kinds of footwear like work boots, heels and running shoes.

Superfeet takes the flat, 2-D surface of a shoe and adapts it to our 3D feet.

Read more about Superfeet from a 2015 article in Sports Illustrated.

All Superfeet Insoles, including Heritage, Run-Specific and ¾ Delux, are on sale for 20 percent off for the remainder of November.

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