5 Reasons To Train with Fleet Feet Sports This Summer

By Coach Mandy

1. Fun workouts. Trust us, suffering by yourself during a hot run is NOT FUN. Time flies when you are chasing a group of runners doing intervals and motivating coaches are pushing you up hill repeats. Don't sweat alone! 

2. Post-run refreshments. Whether it's popsicles, chocolate milk or salty snacks, there's nothing better than recovering in style! Fleet Feet coaches make sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward our athletes after a hard workout. 
3. Sweet tan lines. When you have to go to a wedding and wear a strapless dress, people will notice your tank and short tan lines and you will get to say, "Oh yeah, I'm training for a marathon." Be honest, we know you want to talk about your training. 
4. Free water and Nuun. Who else can you train with where the water and electrolyte drink is FREE and set up every few miles along your route? Fleet Feet coaches put out water stops for all their training groups, to insure proper hydration. Goodbye muscle cramps and dehydration crankiness! 
5. Summer camp friends. We are going to admit right here - Fleet Feet training is more than just preparing for a goal race. Our teammates are our FRIENDS and we do so much more than just run together. Summer long you will catch us volunteering, traveling or barbecuing poolside in between our busy training schedules.
We hope you join our team this summer!

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