You Might be a Runner if..

Runners tend to look at life through a different lens than the rest of the population.  For instance, when we're injured we're more upset about not being able to run than we are about the fact that we have somehow damaged our body.  Runners read that last sentence and say, "Duh!"  Non-runners read it and say, "What?!?!?"  Yes, we're a different lot...and we embrace that fact.  Because of that, I decided to scour the interwebs and put together a list of traits that are very runner-centric.  Read them and see how many apply to your and your training partners.  Let's revel in our idiosyncrasies.

You might be a runner if....
  • you can run 5+ miles, but struggle to walk up/down the stairs
  • you wake up before 5 am so you can get that 10+ miler in before work
  • you know the hourly forecast for the rest of the week
  • you take your shoes and socks off and it still looks like you're wearing socks
  • you know that "Cotton is rotten"
  • you understand that awkward frustration of someone running right behind you breathing like a mad man and not being able to get away
  • you can never eat enough food
  • 50 degrees and overcast is your idea of a perfect weather forecast
  • you attempt to spit and end up looking like a bulldog with its head out the car window
  • you know that awkward feeling of not recognizing someone when they're in "street" clothes
  • you wear tights out as leggings
  • you can never get caught up on laundry
  • you choose to run an extra mile instead of fixing your hair for the day
  • you consider the phrase "its all downhill from here" a good thing
  • you picture yourself running while running
  • part of your monthly expense budget goes to race fees
  • your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant
  • you ask for a late check out not to sleep in, but rather to use the shower after a race/run
  • you plan vacation around a race
  • you propose on a track
  • a 5k is "only" 3.1 miles
  • you are compelled to let everyone on facebook know about a new loop you discovered
  • you drive by someone running and wish it was you
  • when someone mentions Garmin, you don't think of the car navigation system
  • you think its perfectly acceptable to wear a gps or stopwatch to a formal function
  • tan lines are a way of life
  • you've ever lost a toenail (without the aid of dropping something on them or stubbing them)
  • hearing the word chafing sends a shiver down your spine
  • you understand the metric system
  • you have more running shoes than regular shoes
  • you'll happily spend $100 or more on a pair of running shoes, but buy clearance for your dress shoes
  • you'll do a quick 2 miles when you feel like doing nothing at all
  • you have to apologize to the person giving you a pedicure
  • taking a planned week off is harder for you than running 40 miles for the week
  • shin splits are part of normal conversation
  • you know what the term fartlek means
  • you know every public bathroom in your neighborhood
  • you've heard "Run Forrest Run" more often in public than from your TV
  • you're used to being looked at as insane when you mention to someone about your 6 mile easy run
  • you consider an ice bath refreshing
  • GU has it's own wing in your pantry
  • you keep track of your shoes in miles
  • the first thing you pack for a trip is your running clothes and shoes
  • you know what a PR is
  • you keep track of time down to the tenth of a second
  • you know which mailbox is exactly one mile from your house... in every direction
  • you want to smack the person who says, "I wouldn't run unless I was being chased"
  • you want to smack the person who says. "I don't even like to drive that far"
  • you have black toenails, and its not from nail polish
  • you've ever polished a patch of skin where your toenail used to be just to wear open toed shoes
  • you can move to a new neighborhood and in a couple of months know it better than your neighbors
  • you can hit targets with the farmers blow... while moving
  • you pay attention to the color of your pee
  • every road you drive on you think what a great hill workout this would be
  • you buy ibuprofen in economy size
  • a "ladder" has nothing to do with home maintenance
  • you know everyone at your local FLEET FEET
  • all your Saturday mornings for the next 4 months are filled
  • you read this whole list
Hopefully, you got a chuckle out of these and saw yourself in a few of them.  Let me know your favorites and please post any that I've missed.  Runners.  Ya, we're different.  But isn't that one of the things that make us great?  Enjoy being a breed apart.  And if you ever feel a need to be among like-minded souls, just swing by FLEET FEET.
Good luck and happy racing.
Coach Cary

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