What is Holding You Back?

Tim DetmerWe often find ourselves getting in our own way.  Seldom does anyone or anything besides ourselves stop us from achieving our goals.  Sometimes it's due to a lack of confidence.  Sometimes we don't want to leave our comfort zone.  Sometimes it's a lack of knowledge.  Most of the time, however, it is fear.  Fear of failure...or fear of success.  Yes, success can be scary.  Any time we change we have to change our self-image.  When we achieve success in any area, that self-image needs to be one of a successful person: an image without chinks in the armor; infallible in perception.

That, in and of itself just sounds daunting.  To always put forth the persona of the ideal.  No matter if you put yourself on that pedestal or someone else has put you there, you are now the successful one.  The one who can answer other’s questions about how you did it, in the hopes they one day will be able to do the same.

Is fear of success stopping you from reaching your goals?  Take a minute and think through this question.  It is not a superficial answer, it requires some thought and maybe even a little soul searching.  This process is always worth the time.  I often think through things like this while I am running...alone.

Fear of success or denial of that success could be stopping you from fully realizing the success that you have worked so hard to achieve.   Until you accept that you are no longer the fat kid, the slow kid, the awkward one, the unfit guy, the flabby girl, you will never actually change.  You will make progress, but you will probably be in a state of yo-yoing.  Progress and fall back, progress and fall back.

To break that yo-yo cycle, you need a couple of things:  1)  Evolving self-image.  2)  Good plan that will provoke the body changes you want.  3)  Consistent accountability to your plan.

When you finally put all three together you will experience success at a faster and faster rate.  Even better, you are almost assured that you will not back-slide into old patterns and situations.

If you are tired of yo-yoing, tired of not fully realizing your health and fitness goals, contact my company, Finish it Fitness, by calling (314) 576-3800 or clicking here to request a free consultation.  We can uncover and develop a plan for you to finally reach your health and fitness goals. 

Fear not!  Charge fearlessly into you future.  Only this type of action will yield what you want and desire.

Tim Detmer is the owner of Finish It Fitness.  Tim has worked with the FLEET FEET Training half and full marathon training teams since their inception.  Finish It Fitness is FLEET FEET's preferred personal training provider.

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