Top 12 Reasons to Join the FLEET FEET Training Team!

To ring in 2012, we're giving you twelve glorious reasons to join the FLEET FEET Training Team ½ Marathon Program. Kick off your new year by joining the Training Team, and let us help you meet training success!

12) Options! Options! Options!
 Choose your race and your pace! The FLEET FEET Training Team offers a training schedule to prepare you for the GO! St. Louis ½ Marathon as well as an extension program for the Christie Clinic Illinois ½ Marathon and other spring half marathons. The Training Team also features an expanded pace group range to accommodate runners, walkers, and run/walkers. Choose between beginner and advanced training plans to suit your training goals and needs. 

11) Variety. (It's the spice of the long run.) 
We've picked some of St. Louis's best running routes for the team's weekly Saturday morning long runs. Say goodbye to the same old, same old! 
10) Professional coaching and training. Enjoy a professionally designed training schedule with daily workouts by FLEET FEET Sports and Finish It Fitness, weekly training tips and support, and coached and supported long runs with pace-specific training. Team members also have the option of participating in Monday and Wednesday morning hill/tempo workouts. 
9) Road trip! The FLEET FEET Training Team is offering a travel option with the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon ½ Marathon on April 28th. FLEET FEET Training Team members will be offered discounted entry fees, and a block of hotel rooms are available at a special team price! The Illinois events boast a flat course (Boston qualifier) and a cool finish in the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign stadium. 
8) More bling! Participate in the "I Challenge" by running the 5K the day before the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and ½ Marathon and receive THREE medals! 
7) Discounted race entry fees! Training Team members can take advantage of discounted race entry fees to the Run for the Helmet 7K (St. Patrick's Day) and the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and ½ Marathon. 

6) On-site injury assessments and prevention assistance. 
At various scheduled training runs, professionals will be on hand to assist you and answer your questions about aches, pains, and how to prevent them! 
5) Exclusive special store shopping nights! That's right, shop like a VIP on Training Team shopping nights at FLEET FEET! 
4) Motivation. Inspiration. Accountability. Think of the FLEET FEET Training Team as a personal army there to help you reach your goals. Be inspired and motivated by your coaches and fellow teammates as you join forces to reach the finish line! 

3) Free t-shirt!
 Well, of course. All Training Team members receive a gender- specific Saucony technical tee.
2) All the cool kids are doing it. Obviously. 
1) Fun. Friends. Fitness. We're firmly convinced the St. Louis running and walking community just might be the greatest group of people you'll ever meet, and it's no coincidence that running buddies often become lifelong friends. Join the FLEET FEET Training Team, and you'll not only reach your training goals, but you'll have a slam-bang time in the process. (Woop!) 
The Half Marathon program begins
Saturday, January 21st, 2012.
Please contact Kristen Waddell with questions at or visit the FAQ page to learn more!

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