Sugio Speedster 2 Hoody (Women)

Sugoi Speedster 2 Hoody (Women)Year after year, we test this little hoody like all get-out. Sub-zero trail runs. Sleet- battered races. And remember that marathon relay when the temperature topped off at a whopping 11 degrees? Yeah. 
          And year after year, this little hoody gets the job done. (Stylishly, no less.) 
          Sugoi's Speedster 2 Hoody is simply the best thermal layering piece on the market. S2 Insulation is lightly fleeced to trap air and provide mid-weight thermal protection that can be used over a light baselayer in hard-to-predict conditions or as a serious heat-circulating, moisture-wicking mid-layer in severe weather. 
          Designed specifically for the female athlete, the Speedster 2 Hoody features super- stretchy seamless fabric for full mobility (no bunching or restriction), no bulk, and maximum ventilation to reduce overheating, even during high exertion. 
          Other features include hand-warming cuffs on the sleeves, a fuel pocket for gels, and a ponytail port in the hood. Plus, it's wired for any music device. 
          Available in White. ($99.99) 

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