Smart ID ? Just $4!

SmartID DisplaySo, you want to be safe and wear a shoe ID tag when you run. Cool beans. The only problem is you’re currently training in several pairs of running shoes. Switching the tag from one pair of shoes to the next is a pain. Buying an ID tag for every pair of running shoes that you own is a tad expensive. And wearing your ID tag for every third run seems, well, a little too much like a crapshoot.

Smart ID is a new, low-cost alternative to Road ID. For only $4 you get a colorful, reflective, durable vinyl ID tag that easily snaps on and off. Simply fill out the Smart ID tag using an ultra-fine point permanent marker. A mylar laminating strip makes the tag practically waterproof. Plus, since the Smart ID costs only a few bucks, you can afford to buy one for each pair of running shoes!


Click here to order.  Fleet Feet-branded Smart ID tags come in a variety of awesome colors.  We'll send you a good one...or two...or three..or...

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