Running is a Journey...Not a Destination

With the Summer racing season well underway and dreams of fall Half and Full marathons dancing in many of our heads, it's good to remember that running is a journey, not a destination.  I often hear runners talking about their next goal race like it's a vacation they're looking forward to.  While I love the idea of aiming for that target and training towards it, it is important to remember that the race is only a tiny segment of the overall journey.  The miles logged in pursuit of that goal are what really shapes us as runners.  As a coach, I often have to remind myself and my athletes not to get too caught up in the minutiae.  Be able to stop, step back, and smell the roses and enjoy the view along the way.  Think of all the friends you've made through running... the self discovery you've encountered... the postcard views from some scenic morning run.  It's these things that truly make running enjoyable and gets our butt out the door when we really don't wanna go. 
My biggest piece of advice to young/old/novice/veteran runners is to find a group to meet up with at least once a week.  That community or group environment makes our journey all the more enjoyable.  If you are looking for a group, stop by one of FLEET FEET's free summer speedwork sessions or  Saturday morning runs - or sign up for one of our training teams.  FLEET FEET is here to help you enjoy the journey.

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