Reasons to Love Running

Valentine's Day is a time to show our appreciation for those who matter most in our lives. We all have different likes and loves, but the one thing that brings us together at FLEET FEET is our love of running. I Love to RunThe reasons we love running are as varied as we are. With the Valentine’s holiday upon us, there is no better time to reflect on all the reasons we love this sport.

Reasons to love running…

  •  It’s my time.
  • The friends I make.
  • It’s cheaper than therapy.
  • Knowing what spring smells like.
  • Getting caught up on new music.
  • Going from flab to fab.
  • Hearing the crunch of my footsteps on new fallen snow.
  • Pretending I'm an Olympian.
  • It’s the best way to meet a new town.
  • Food. Enough said.
  • Seeing the world from a different perspective.
  • My butt's never looked better.
  • Everyone has a vice, and this one's healthy.
  • The more I push, the better I feel.
  • I sound like a physician when talking about the anatomy from the waist down.
  • It feels good to be one of the crazy people.
  • I can run farther than most people want to drive.
  • No more meds.
  • The runner’s high.
  • Sweat is sexy.
  • Seeing the sunrise through the fog in fall.
  • Knowing the metric system.
  • Knowing what a stampede of over a thousand people sounds like.
  • Being confident I’ll survive a zombie apocalypse.
  • Waging the war against aging, one step at a time.
  • Having the time to figure out that problem that's been nagging me.
  • To grieve.
  • To celebrate.
  • Falling into a deep comatose sleep at the end of the day.
  • Shoes. ("It's gotta be the shoes, Money.")
  • Knowing every street and person in the neighborhood.
  • So I can focus.
  • So I can zone out.
  • It saves on gas.
  • Looking good in swim season.
  • Trails.
  • The camaraderie (or cult) of runners.
  • Knowing all the best breakfast joints.
  • Medals. Duh.
  • Cheers from complete strangers on race day.
  • To inspire.
  • To be inspired.
  • It’s the best way to learn more about myself.
  • It’s healthy.
  • It’s a great excuse to lounge around later.
  • Beer truck at the finish line.
  • To raise money for a great cause.
  • Gives me time to daydream about winning the lottery.
  • Because I can.
  • It helped me find my wife.

There are a million more reasons to love running, and the list is as diversified as we are. Valentine’s Day is a great time to appreciate everything running brings into our lives. Happy Valentine's Day!

Good Luck and Happy Racing!
Coach Cary

Tim Cary is FLEET FEET's Assistant Training Manager, coach of the FLEET FEET-sponsored Runnababez Elite team, and manager of the FLEET FEET Racing Team.  Over his 20 years of coaching, Tim has coached athletes to three national team championships, five national individual championships, two national records, and numerous All-American and All-State honors.  Click here to receive Tim's weekly article via email.

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