It's a New Day

Tomorrow has no mistakes in it, yet. Each day dawns fresh and new and unmarred by errors, slips, or gaffes. For some reason, however, we tend to bring our past failures, concerns and worries with us into the landscape of each new day. Why must we always trip over the stone that's behind us? Each new day offers us new opportunities to improve our lot in life; to take us one step closer to our dreams. With the New Year upon us, we often use this day to draw a line in the sand and say, "Starting NOW, I will _____!" Unfortunately, as we all know, rather than actually start down the path towards our goals on this day, we often simply shift the starting line. We start with, "NOW, I will start."  Then we move to "No, NOW I am REALLY going to start."  And then to, "No, I mean it this time.  I will start NOW."  And on and on it goes.

The toughest part about making changes in our lives is that we often set ourselves up for failure. Every resolution begins with good intentions. The problem is that there is so much information available to us, now, that we've become a society of pseudo-experts. If I'm sick, for example, I can go online, read a couple of articles, and attempt to diagnose and treat myself.  If it were that easy, of course, doctors wouldn't have to spend so many years in school. Unfortunately, that same approach is often how many of us approach making a lifestyle change.  We set a goal, read some articles, and away we go. We may be more educated than we were before, but have we really learned enough to help us reach our destination? 

Every morning begins a new day. If you want to change, don't start tomorrow just as you did today.  Get serious about your goals. If you want to learn to dance, then find someone that has made dance their career path. If you want to lose weight, get into an organized program like FLEET FEET's Tons of Fun. If you want to tackle a marathon, join the FLEET FEET Training Team. If you want to be a healthier athlete, see what the Training Center has available. Having the support of experts with years of experience gives you the greatest opportunity of success.  And success is your goal.

You can do this. We all know folks that have changed their lot in life. You can do the same. As my wife said when I expressed shock at the Rams success versus the Saints, "Every game's a new game." Today brings not only a new day, but a new year. Make the most of this one. Let FLEET FEET be your guide.

Good Luck and Happy Racing!
Coach Cary

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