Island Nectars Roctane

Serious. Training. Fuel. And it's fruity! 
So what's the difference between GU and GU Roctane? TheGUrus (get it?) have taken the number one energy gel on the market and added key ingredients for athletes who want to push both the distance and pace. GU Roctane is ideal for multi-hour workouts and runs. 
Here's the GU Roctane equation: 
Regular GU (complex carbs, simple carbs, and caffeine for quick and sustained energy) 
Increased histidine (an amino acid that buffers and slows energy-sapping acid build-up in the muscles) 
Higher levels of citrates (to speed the conversion of carbs into energy) 
Increased branched-chain amino acids (to act as a fuel source, speed recovery, help maintain mental focus, and reduce fatigue) 
Amino acid complex OKG (to keep the body from breaking down muscle protein during intense training and racing and thereby allowing faster recovery) 
GU Roctane. 
Plus, it's FRUITY! (We're really excited about the fruity thing.)
$2.49 each or buy 12 and get 12% off!

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