Hip Mobility and Strength Class

Gluteal AmnesiaGluteal Amnesia is the catalyst for most of the common running injuries out there.

Wait… Gluteal Amnesia? What the heck is that?

Basically, our butts have forgotten how to work. Modern society cultivates such sedentary lifestyles now that our derrieres don't function or fire as fast as they should. Many of us stretch, which improves our flexibility, but we’re missing out on all the benefits of our efforts if our hips don’t have the strength to propel our legs through the full range of motion we stretched so diligently to achieve.

Hip Mobility and Strength ClassThe FLEET FEET Hip Mobility and Strength class is designed to focus on waking up your butt and strengthening those hips to help you stay healthy, happy, and fast. Now is the time to sign up for a Hip Mobility and Strength class to help knock out Gluteal Amnesia before it takes you out of commission. As Shakira says, "Hips don't lie."

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