FF Beats FF in the "Civil War"

Members of the FLEET FEET Racing Team took on members of the FLEET FEET staff during the 5M run portion of Monday's Highland Biathlon and 5M.  In an extremely close competition, the Racing Team pulled off the win.  In a classic example of how cross country scoring makes team racing fun, it came down to the performance of the 4th through 6th runners for each squad.  The talk at the post-race tailgate revealed that in addition to goodies awarded to the Racing Team members the  friendly competition yielded many PRs and awards.  What a great way to kick off Memorial Day!  The runners with the top seven age/gender-graded scores for each time were:

  1. Lisa Cary - 78 points (run only)
  2. Andy Koziatek* - 76 points (run only)
  3. Sean Walsh - 73 points (run split)
  4. Wayne Moore - 69 points (run split)
  5. Danielle Brunnworth - 68 points (run split)
  6. Stephen Rechtien - 67 points (run split)
  7. Tony Cable - 67 points (run only)
  1. Barb Delgado - 74 points (run split)
  2. David Spetnagel - 74 points (run only)
  3. Chris Leonard - 68 points (run split)
  4. Brian Schoenholz - 68 points (run only)
  5. Seth Fankhauser - 67 points (run split)
  6. Katie Schoenholz - 67 points (run only)
  7. Thad Nieman - 65 points (run split)
*After receiving his Masters Degree just days ago Andy returned to the FLEET FEET staff on Tuesday, the day after the Civil War.  Next year, he'll be racing on the staff team.  Watch out, Racing Team!

We'd love to have you on one of these teams the next time we declare a Civil War.  If you want to exercise and socialize with like-minded, goal-oriented, fun people, join our Racing Team or apply for a job at FLEET FEET.  Both are great ways to meet other people out there that think running and getting sweaty and working out are normal.  Unlike the guy you work with that says, "I don't even like to drive that far."

Good Luck and Happy Racing.
Coach Cary

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