5 Reasons to Get a Post-Race Massage

Properly recovering from your race is just as important as preparing for your race. In your mind the race may be over, but your muscles haven't yet gotten the memo. Help them make the transition by using recovery-specific nutritional products and getting some hugely beneficial massage therapy.

5 reasons to get a post-race massage:

  1. Soreness | Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) starts 24 to 48 hours after you complete a challenging workout - and there is no workout quite as challenging as a race. Massage has been shown to decrease the amount of pain you experience during your "sore period".
  2. Circulation | Massage therapy increases circulation in tired muscles, aiding the removal of metabolic waste and the restoration of nutrients.
  3. Healing | After an intense workout, muscle tissue suffers from minor strains and micro-tears. A massage naturally promotes soft tissue healing.
  4. Stretching | In the days following your race you are likely doing little physical activity, including stretching. While you continue to rest and recover, your massage therapist can warm up your muscles with massage and then stretch you out.
  5. Overuse Injuries | Chances are pretty good that after weeks and weeks of training you developed an overuse injury or two.  A nagging knee? A little back pain? Massage therapists do not diagnose injuries, but can assess the affected tissues and help treat them.
In support of our mission to fully support the runners of St. Louis, Fleet Feet's massage therapist, Hannah, offers runner-focused massage therapy at our Chesterfield location.

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