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Change Is Good!

Eric Johnson, our long time manager at Ultramax Sports, has purchased the Springfield retail store from Mark and Amy Livesay!

Eric and his wife Lissa have changed the store name to Fleet Feet Sports Springfield.  The Ultramax Sports retail store in Columbia, MO and the Ultramax Sports Event Production company will remain under ownership by the Livesays.

Fleet Feet Sports in a national franchise comprised of 160+ stores owned by local people just like the Johnsons.  The franchise has a reputation for amazing service and customer satisfaction.

What does this mean for you?

For the most part, the Springfield store will operate the same.  

Eric and Lissa look forward to helping promote local races, matching great products to runners and walkers in need, and contributing to local causes.  Just like they've been doing since helping to open the store in 2008.

But there will be a few differences going forward and we'd like to cover them here.

  • Store Products - We will carry mostly the same product with the addition of hard-to-get vendors along the way, such as Fitbit electronics.
  • Shoe Fitting - We will continue helping people find the right shoe for their needs.  We've picked up a few tricks from Fleet Feet Sports and look forward to integrating them into our fit process in the coming months.
  • Return Policy - Our return policy has improved to 60 days or your money back.  It's our commitment to you for the perfect fit!
  • Personal Rewards - We will continue our rewards program with a few modifications: you earn a $20 voucher for every $200 spent regardless if purchasing new or sale items.  $20 voucher is available to spend on your next transaction and expires after 90 days.  Don't worry, we'll email you before your voucher expires.  Valid on everything in store except training groups and electronics.
  • Military - 10% discount
  • Online store - Order online from us and have it at your door in 3-4 days.  Products are provided by our store and other locally owned stores like us so you can buy local while shopping online!

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