Our Fit Process Goes Next Level

We've added a Pressure Plate to our Fit Process

Over the last few years, we have fit everyone who walks in our stores with our 3D fit scanning technology. It allows us to see your feet so much better and helps us decide which shoe shape best fits your foot. This week, we took our fitting process to the next level by adding dynamic pressure mapping technology.

Our Outfitters use a specialized pressure plate to analyze your gait pattern and the pressure points on your feet as you walk. This helps us get a clear idea of the way your body moves and the support and cushioning you may need based on the natural rolling motion of your feet.

Understanding where your body places pressure on your feet while you walk lets us gauge if you have a neutral gait or if you pronate or supinate. While there is no correct way for your body to move, you can make sure you feel (and look) your best while you run or walk by getting shoes that are designed to support your foot at high-pressure points.

Uniquely Yours: Customized Insoles for Your Fit

Thanks to this techonology, we can now offer you Superfeet ME3D™ insoles which provide personalized solutions for comfort, pain relief and performance based on the data we capture in-store with the 3D foot scanning and dynamic pressure mapping technology. We map your feet in-store, and Superfeet prints insoles with arch support profiles that match the unique geometry of your feet and include five zones of structure for complete coverage.

These insoles are crafted in Ferndale, WA and are shipped directly to your home.


Watch Brian share the technology and get a peek at his custom pair

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