Our 2020 Holiday Staff Gift Guide

It's really easy to recommend gift ideas when we absolutely LOVE the gear in our stores. We asked each staff member to share the items they love most! If you want any help in finding the perfect gift item, book a Personal Holiday Shopping appointment with our team. We'll find the perfect item for your runner!


“My first item is this jacket from New Balance. It's wind and water resistant, and the best part is that it folds into a pocket and then can strap around your waist when you don't need it. It's the perfect piece for layering with your favorite long sleeve or keeping you comfortable on a drizzly run.” $95 (Capitol Hill only) 

“I've found myself wearing my OOahh slide sandals around the house. They are so comfortable after taking off my rain boots and fit well with and without fuzzy socks!” $50



“The CIELE hat is one of my favorite running hats. Lots of different styles, and some great design touches: Machine washable, and foldable so it's easy to store in a pocket or pack during a run. Perfect for the everchanging weather and temperatures on Washington trails! Great for protection from both rain and sun.” $40 (Ballard only)


“Every Christmas or birthday, the Balega Ultraglide Socks are always at the top of my list (can never have enough socks). Love the friction free material - thin and breathable - but has some padding in the heel and ball of foot. I wear these for almost every run!” $16


“Lululemon align pant are my favorite. They’re so buttery soft and comfy. I love that they don’t have a top elastic band. They are so comfortable I could wear them every day.” $98

“I like the Nathan women’s vapor Howe 12L vest so much because it allows me to be able to carry all the necessities for a long run, phone, keys, pepper spray without having any overstuffed pockets in my leggings. It really holds everything together without the bouncing that happens if I stuff my phone in the side pocket of leggings. Since I haven’t been able to make belts or handhelds work for me, this is my favorite!” $200


“I attribute the highlight of my racing career to this magic and tasty Tailwind Vanilla Recovery drink! Being able to train 6 days a week consistently during my half ironman training and having MS was something I didn't think was possible to that level. Making sure the body recovered well was truly the name of the game. This allowed me to compete my half ironman and then successfully bike across the country to raise awareness with Bike the US for MS. If I am up training, this becomes a staple.” $39


“The Garmin Forerunner 45 in Lava Red! I love the new circular watch face that maintains the watch's easy to use purpose while giving it a newfound sense of class. The lava red color is a great style accent and the overall reliability this product offers makes it a must have this holiday season!” $200

“Also, goodr Running Sunglasses are hilariously named, comfortable to wear, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes for everyone. The lightweight frames sit nicely and the UV blocking polarized lenses give your eyes the much needed break from the sun. They're fun, sleek, and an exciting addition to your personal running wardrobe!” $25


“My Vuori Sweats!! I've worn these pants probably 4 out of the past 5 days, kinda gross, but that's 2020 I guess! They are so soft I can't stand it.” $84 (Ballard only)

“I also love my Roll Recovery R3 Ortho Roller! I have chronic plantar fasciitis in my left foot and this roller gives me so much relief. The shape allows me to massage spots my feet can't get with water bottles and tennis balls.” $30


“I love the Merino Wool Features socks. Seattle has started to get really cold, and I have concrete floors at home, so these socks work wonders at keeping my feet warm within my house as well as while I am on my run.” $18

“Lastly, I like the Karhu running shoes, especially the Synchron. It gives me the cushion I want while still being responsive. It holds my foot nice and snug which is familiar from the days I wore cleats for sports, but still gives me room in the toe box for my feet to breathe.” $160


“I wear my OOFOS slides every single day! I appreciate both the comfort and support that these provide for me. I love coming home from work or a long run and putting these shoes on, it feels like a nice hug!” $50

“The Aftershokz are fantastic bluetooth headphones that I feel comfortable wearing outside, either walking or running. The bone-conducting technology allows me to listen to music or be on the phone while still being aware of my surroundings and feeling safe. It's super cool that they can also work as noise canceling headphones if I want with the addition of using earplugs.” $120


“Breath Thermo acts very much like a synthetic wool. Moisture via sweat or from the atmosphere creates a subtle warming of the fabric. Not overly hot, this fabric is perfect for our cool damp PNW winters. I recommend all of the accessories (hats, gloves, and headbands), and the gloves in particular, are an everyday essential for me.” $25-$30

“Full disclosure: I have never actually run in the Houdini Air. However, I’ve had four Houdini jackets that I’ve run in for the past decade plus. I love them. Yet if there were one thing that I’d change about the original Houdini, it’s that it would breathe a little bit better. And that is where the Houdini Air comes into play. Psst, Andrea: this jacket is on my wish list!” $169

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