2021 Staff Holiday Gift Guide

It's really easy to recommend gift ideas when we absolutely LOVE the gear in our stores. We asked each staff member to share the items they love most! If you want any help in finding the perfect gift item, book an appointment with our team. We'll find the perfect item for your runner!


"These gels are so tasty that I have to stop myself from eating them just as a snack. High calorie and real food, score!" $3.50 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"Vuori joggers are the perfect post-workout, cozy pant. As the weather changes I find myself reaching for these more and more!" $89 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"I love this tool because I get most knots and tension in my upper back where massage guns don’t necessarily reach when using it on yourself. You can find the angle you want and get hard to reach spots. Plus it’s great for neck tightness as well as whatever else you want to use it for." $30 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"They are some of the most comfortable things I’ve put on my feet. For recovery or for wearing around the house, they add so much extra comfort to your day." $60 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"A complete change-up from the 4th edition, I was happily surprised by the response the shoe gives me on the road while providing an insane amount of cushion. With a softer wave plate, roomier toe box, and snug heel I find this is a comfortable shoe for all activities! Remember to move up a half size because it runs short." $170 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"Lightweight, bright, and warm all in one!! I find this is a great addition to your winter collection for the PNW, where humidity and cold don't always make for easy choices! I highly recommend this vest for the early morning or the after work runner looking for a little added reflection on the road. And for those midday runners, if you're looking for that sleek edition to your wardrobe, this is it!!" $130 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Capitol Hill


"Every morning I get up and the first thing I do is roll my feet on this ball. It’s been helping so much with my plantar fasciitis and just feels great in general! After a run, I’ll roll my feet again as well as my calves. It’s the perfect size to target the muscles I need it to — plus doubles as a cat toy!" $10 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Capitol Hill

"Absolute perfect weight for all kinds of temperatures, and the softest shirt I own. Weather it’s running, climbing, hiking, being in the store, or out in Seattle, it’s my favorite shirt to wear. Durable, does not shrink at all and a lovely color!" $58 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill 


 "Goodr sunglasses (specifically: Whiskey Shots With Satan and Makeup Time with Clifford): These have lasted me years, through long runs and long days at the pool. Inexpensive, practical, plus they look fly!" $25-35 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"The Brooks Launch is my workhorse shoe. Sleek and light for a trainer, but holds up well mileage-wise." $100 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"I have really tight calves, and this will definitely help them relax. It is on the more intense end, but that's the reason why I like it so much. Out of everything I've tried the R8 Roller helps my calves the most." $129 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"It has 80mg of caffeine in it. So when you need an extra boost to get that pep in your step, it'll get the body ready for anything! Also it just tastes delicious." $7 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"I very much enjoy the feel of the targeted compression provided in these no-show socks. They’re a seamless, close-fitting sock of superb quality that keep my feet feeling good throughout the day and hold up well over time. (Always air dry!)" $15 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"Comfy, current, and casual, they’re my go-to pant whether I’m lounging, hitting a light workout, or walking around town. They’re a great, laid-back option made of high quality material that both looks and feels good." $128 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"This is a great snack that doesn't boggle you down on runs and rides. Great as to go jams while traveling too!" $2.25 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"All the perks of other massage guns in a muuuch more serene atmosphere; lightweight and compact; and of course that beautiful price point." $199 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"Cushioned, warm, and durable are all great traits to have in a sock and Balega has nailed that blend with this sock. With winter approaching, it’s the bulletproof solution for chilly toes." $16 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"Practically impossible to take off because they’re the most comfortable pair of sweats I’ve ever owned. Soft beyond belief and with the right amount of stretch for lounging or working, I would easily wear them for a week if I could be sure no one would judge me." $89 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"These sunglasses have no-slip plastic frames, so they won't bounce around your whole run or break if you toss them in your bag. Combined with their attention capturing colors and model names, these glasses have become a favorite for myself and as a gift for friends and family." $25-35 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"Perhaps my all-time favorite trainer, the Clifton provides unmatched cushion combined with a lightweight feel. With all the ups and downs of the Cap Hill area it pays to have a trainer that gives you a little extra protection on the way down while also not feeling like an ankle weight on the way up. I'd wear this shoe for any run!" $130 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"The perfect trail running vest because it sits high on the back, plenty of pockets, soft bottle access in the front, and optional bladder.  Just what you need for any long or short day on the trails." $100 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

"While I use a variety of nutrition while running, Tailwind Rebulid recovery provides the perfect post workout drink to immediately recharge, refuel, and nip that post workout carb/sugar craving in the bud." $39 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill


"Truly, I don't go for a run without these anymore. I didn't think that I could love a pair of headphones so much. They are incredibly comfortable and don't bounce or move at all while running. Plus I love to be able to hear what's happening around me. Safe and enjoyable. You will not regret picking up a pair of these." $120 | Shop Online | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill 

"I'm predictable, if nothing else. Consistent too, for that matter. I love the Houdini so much, still, that I cannot genuinely make gift guide suggestions without mentioning this perennial favorite. It's still built to last for many years and is still holding price at under 100 bucks. Others may try, but there's only one Houdini. Get yourself or your special someone the best lightweight, packable shell on the market." $99 | Shop In-Store Ballard & Capitol Hill

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