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Marvin Gaye asked it first, and now I want to answer. What is going on here in Savannah and in the Savannah running scene? I let Rock ‘n’ Roll pass a bit before I answered this question. But here is what’s going on. Running is at an all-time high right now in Savannah. The Rock ‘n’ Roll numbers were up again. The Rock ‘n’ Roll running festival that extended into Sunday had well over 2,000 people for the 5K, 1 mile and KiDS ROCK. We had record numbers in our groups for our CREW training. We had record finishes in our training groups and lots of success stories. This year we probably had some of the best coaches and mentors we have ever had. Lots and lots of inspirational stories resulted from Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend, including CREWbie Christy Mullen running the New York City Marathon one weekend, and then turning around the next weekend and running Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah. I needed to borrow some more cones for the Sunday event, so I called the Striders and low and behold they were in my office in a just a few hours with cones for me to borrow. The adidas Lucky 13 Run Series is about to wrap up, two more runs left before we award jackets and prizes, and then Run Series 2015 gets introduced at the Enmark Bridge Run expo. We are still run booming here in Savannah. With the Publix Women’s Half Marathon and 5K being introduced and run in March, and all of the other runs that continue to grow, and support their charities all throughout the year. This running community is one big community, and who would have thought it in such a tiny little town. We might be tiny, but we are getting fit, and we are moving, and all of us are working hard at making it even better. We have more surprises coming your way; we just kicked off a delivery service to home and office. We will be expanding our training groups to more cities, and we will be expanding very soon to Pooler, once they make more room for us. It’s never ending, we are always running, and we will forever be thankful for all of your support over the past 13 years. But keep your ears and eyes open, we have more in store, more for the road, and more for running.

We will see you all this Thursday for the United Way Turkey Trot, a record crowd has already registered. There will be 4 miles of fun and plenty of Frito Pie to eat afterwards, just before you start in on your turkey. C’mon, don’t fret, it’s why we run.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone  

Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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