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You know what? If they can deliver pizza in a day, why can’t we deliver, shoes, socks, accessories and apparel in a day? As we continue to grow we are always looking at ways to improve our service. What can we do differently that will make us more accessible to our customers and to new customers that have never shopped with us? So during a run a year or so ago, I started thinking, why can’t we deliver? Why can’t we take an order, fill that order, get your stuff together with all your order and ingredients, hop in a car and take it to your home or office? We know you’re busy, we know you want to run, we know you want to go for a walk, we know you want to head to the gym. And in the midst of all that, you have to live your life, go to work, take care of the kids (even a harder job), eat, sleep, study, take care of this or handle that. We get it, that’s why in just a few weeks we will be launching Store to Door, Fleet Feet Savannah Delivery. As far as we know we will be the first running store in the country to offer four different options of retail service.

1. You come into the store and we do what we do best, fit and get to know you and your needs.

2. Shipping, as normal we can ship product by mail, UPS, etc to anywhere in the world, and we have. We have sent hundreds of shoes overseas to our troops.

3. Pick-up: this is brand NEW. Even though we have done this before, we are just now talking about it. You call in your order and we will get it built and bagged, you come by the store, give us a call and we will run it out to your car. I would love to have a pick-up window, but you never know, you might see me out there on the side of our building with a sledge hammer one day… easy right?

4. Delivery: the most important and what we have been working on for the past few months. Delivery is exactly what it says it is, you call in your order, by going to our delivery website (coming soon), we fill that order, you tell us whether you want it delivered to your home or office and we will do that. We obviously will also deliver to hotels and other places to stay in Savannah, for the millions of visitors that come to our town. Locally we will be servicing 6 counties, Chatham, Bryan, Bulloch, Liberty, Beaufort, and Effingham. Some counties depending on distance will have their days of delivery, but if you need it, we will get it to you. How many times have you said, “I need to get some new shoes, but I don’t have time”? We want to fix that, we want to be your delivery service, we can’t bring you pizza, but we can bring you stuff to help you burn that pizza off. Stay tuned for more info very soon. Store To Door, Fleet Feet Savannah Delivery…. We Run To You!

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