Warm Weather

Ok here we go people, warm weather is coming, YEAH!!!!!!! Sorry about the excitement, but I don’t want to run in the snow or run 80% of my runs in the rain. I don’t want to layer when I run, and I love the sunshine! So yes, I guess I am where I need to be as a runner. This city is just fine for me. When you go out for a long run, you can cover a huge part of this town, unless you want to circle the parks 12 to 15 times, that works also.

As the temperatures start to change, you need to start to change, including what you’re taking in regarding nutrition and fluids. So while we are in between the cold and the really hot and humid, start playing with your nutrition needs. Salt tabs, any form of GU’s, jelly beans, chomps, etc. What works best for you? Powerade, Gatorade from a grocery store, Cytomax, nuun, or tailwind from our store. Whatever works for you, or if you are thinking about changing some things around, do it now, because if you wait until the heat of the summer, when you discover you need something more, you will be frustrated and your workouts will suffer. I don’t like gooey anything, so GU has never been my first choice personally. I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste, and generally I don’t think about eating pudding when I run, so psychologically, I just can’t do it. This was until someone asked me to try the Huma gel we carry. I was skeptical first of course, since I am a jelly bean and gummy guy, which are so much easier for me to take. But guess what? A really old dog can learn new tricks. Huma Chia Energy Gels are for me, and now I am part of the gel community. There was no possible way though I would have had the patience to try any gels in the heat of summer training. It is tough enough as it is. So try as you train now to make any changes you want for your summer running and competition coming up. Yup, shoes play a very large role in your running success, but so can the right mixture of nutrition and fluids. tis the season!

Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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