Tunnel to Towers

This upcoming weekend offers up a stirring and wonderful 5K, filled both with tributes and fast-running: Saturday, 9/10's Tunnel to Towers.  Sadly, for the first time since its Savannah inception, I will be absent from the proceedings, running my own race.  As I get closer to my race, I'm happy to admit that I'm starting to get really excited...but am also surprised to find how much I'm going to miss Tunnel to Towers.  Of course, the multitude of staff and volunteers that show up and line the course are absolutely fantastic-and worth my missing them while I'm away-but moreover, the hard-to-put-into-words ambience of the race is irreplaceable and tugs at my heartstrings even now, as I write this.  Tunnel to Towers has it all: a party-like atmosphere (live music, cooked-up-fresh hotdogs, soft drinks), a ton of runners/walkers of varying abilities (close to 1,500 folks, with the winner having crossed the line in just over 15 minutes last year!), a good cause (raising money for injured veterans in an effort to help them achieve independence and separation from those injuries), and even a team-oriented event (firefighters from three separate towns around the area compete for the Siller Cup, which is provided to the fastest team to house-for bragging rights, of course!-each year).

So please, come out and share in the warmth and fun that is the Tunnel to Towers 5K this weekend.  It is certainly worth your while, and I can promise you won't regret it.  But I do have a completely selfish request, assuming you do show up: please eat an extra hotdog for me, as I'll be living vicariously through you, especially in the middle of a race when I certainly shouldn't be having one of my own.  Thanks in advance.
Chris Ramsey

~Chris Ramsey

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