Second Harvest

Usually at this time, in this space, I’d give you some clever running jargon, helpful training tips, or even talk about a fun, and supremely worthwhile, upcoming race (this Thursday at 8:30 AM is the 7th Annual United Way Turkey Trot—there is certainly no better way to start your gluttony and thanks-filled day than being a part of this fun 4-miler!).  Well, I’m (mostly) not going to do that here, today.  Instead, I’d like to remind you all about America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, because not everyone will get to eat like most of us do this Thursday.  Second Harvest collects and distributes food to those in need, which is certainly always important, but no more so than in the next couple of weeks and months.  This is, in no way, shape or form, my attempt at self-aggrandizement…but we here at Fleet Feet want to make those next couple of weeks and months a little more manageable for those in need, so we’re once again teaming up with Second Harvest as a food donation/collection site; we have three large bins strategically placed around the store, and it is our hope that we can once again make the fine employees at Second Harvest make multiple trips to the store to collect your crucial donations.  As a sort of reward for doing such a good deed, Fleet Feet would also like to extend to you a discount on any/all purchases made the day of that donation: one percent off for each can contributed, up to twenty cans (i.e. if you donate 20 cans of food, you receive a 20% discount off your entire purchase).  Having said that, I want to stress one thing: I’d be lying if I said we don’t want you to stay and shop after you drop off your foodstuffs, but if you don’t need/want anything, don’t have it in your budget to buy anything with the holidays right around the corner, or simply want to donate canned foods without needing to recompense yourself in the process…well, that’s ok too (and is truly what this write-up is really all about).  So clean out those cupboards (what better time than now?!), or simply buy a little extra the next time you stop by the grocery store, but please do consider giving to those in need at America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, because they deserve to have full bellies on Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season just as much as we do.

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