SCAD Students Take Running in Savannah to the Next Level

You wonder why I do what I do. It’s certainly not for the money, and it’s not so I can sit back and watch things happen. It’s a lifestyle choice, the choice of having not to answer to anyone. This lifestyle also gives you the choice of carrying out an idea you have or not. It also presents the opportunity to live in an environment where we talk about things that make you healthy and well, feel good, tired, sweat, make you laugh, sometimes cry, and you set goals that not one person in the world thought you could accomplish except you. Only a hand full of people in this world, decide to get up every morning, and find it to be a good idea to run in a circle and wind back up where they started. Only a hand full of people on this planet think it’s a good idea to get out of a warm bed and jump into cold water to get a swim workout in. And so few people think it’s a good idea to strap your bike to a trainer, and spin for hours, and not go anywhere. To me it’s called living and we love it. So why and what motivates me and us to keep going? Lots of things, but I have an update to that answer today.

A few months back, I was approached by some students at SCAD who wanted to interview me and use what we do as a project for their class. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and didn’t even know if I would see them again. But sure enough, they presented me with their project here at Fleet Feet yesterday, and I have to tell you, I was nothing but impressed. They did extensive research on national and local running culture, and its evolution over time. Their study also covered the dynamics of Savannah’s running boom, and the students then developed a 10 year plan for us with multiple concepts that will further our initiative to empower runners to always do their best, make a difference and bond with each other. The research, the passion, and all the ideas they had, not only earned them an A in their class, but it reminded me again why we do what we do. Alyssa, Lisa, Aaron, Katherine, Virginia, Arianna, and Arturo – thank you all for your hard work and dedication; I couldn’t have been more impressed. For you, we will press on and keep doing what we do. 

Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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