Savannah Mile 1 Mile All Out

On a per-step basis, nothing beats the Savannah Mile for pure, heartfelt awe/joy/depth.  This Saturday, May 28 at 8:00am, we will begin the first of five heats, with each subsequent heat starting approximately 20 minutes after the original.  Each quarter-mile will not only be marked, but will also have a timing clock in place so that runners and walkers alike know where they stand as they make their way down Drayton St., from Forsyth Park to Broughton.  After all the heats have finished—after all of the first-responders have completed the Heroes Heat decked out in all of their gear (and what a sight that is!)—everyone will then saunter over to Johnson Square to have their fill of hamburgers, hotdogs, and sugary drinks.  But only after everyone, from the tiny tikes of Heat A to the heroes that have just finished running, have paid their respects with lifted voices and clapping hands, to the friends and families of those participating in the Memory Walk, which celebrates the lives of those heroes that have fallen while in the line of duty.  I implore you, whether you walk/run the Savannah Mile or simply stop by the finish line to cheer until you go hoarse, to please make this occasion a priority this weekend; it won’t disappoint, and this is one of those times when the cause is bigger than whatever else we may have going on in our lives.  See you on Saturday!

 - Chris Ramsey 

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