Rock n Roll Week

I’ll keep this short and sweet, because it’s Rock ‘n Roll week and both you and I are busy (unless you’re not participating, in which case you have no excuse not to read this…you know, other than your normally overly-busy lives getting in the way, of course).  In the past few weeks, we’ve talked about tapering and beating the funk (both the mental and physical versions); going into races/life with your head screwed on tightly and your body rarin’ to go.

To help keep you on point, here are some gentle reminders: stay off your feet this week, especially as we get closer to the weekend (as much as your schedule will allow, anywho), hydrate like crazy (especially as warm as it’s supposed to be), and stick to what you know—normal-to-you meals, normal-to-you sleep patterns, etc.

Remember that the Full and Half-Marathons both begin at 7:00 AM EST this Saturday, November 7.  And if 13.1 or 26.2 seems too daunting (even though there is a Half Relay, remember!), keep in mind that there are three separate events held in Daffin Park Sunday, November 8 (and each is accompanied by a sweet medal): 

The 5K begins at 1:00 PM EST, the 1 Mile at 2:30, and Kids Rock (for all the little doobers out there…both the old and young alike) at 3:15.

Other important details/suggestions you’ll want to have in your back pocket:


Locals - get to the expo early (i.e. go on Thursday if at all possible; there has been construction on the Talmadge Bridge the last couple of weeks, and although ferries are offered as an alternate way of getting there, things tend to get fairly congested on Friday as out-of-towners arrive in droves).


Leave for the race itself earlier than you actually think you need to.  With road closures and heavy traffic, it oftentimes takes longer to get downtown, parked, and to the starting line than you’d banked on.  If you have extra time, so be it; it will be warm out and it will give you plenty of time to stretch, access the restrooms, etc.  Keep in mind that no one that ever got to a race early felt like they were going to miss the start of that race….


The Gospel according to Chris (this is what works for me, not necessarily everyone): try not to eat anything solid less than an hour from the start of the race.  As for hydration, although I may take a swig of water to rinse out my mouth as the race clock counts down, I try to drink very little less than 30 minutes out from the gun (or else I end up stopping at porta-john(s) along the course).  If you’ve hydrated correctly in the lead-up, you’ve got plenty of fluids in you and will have access to oodles on the course, to boot.

Have fun, stay healthy, and SMILE (there are photographers out there, but more importantly, you signed up for this to both test yourself and to enjoy…so get to enjoyin’ already!).

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