Red Shoes Run

Colorful shoes are not a prerequisite for running fast.  In fact, colorful shoes are not a prerequisite for running at all.  If you like highlighter yellow, slime green, or poppin’purple that’s a-ok with me, just like all-white kicks won’t ruffle my feathers either, just so long as you’re movin’and groovin’ comfortably.  Of course, I say all of this with one small caveat: if you’re in need of a great and worthwhile cause to give some time to, well, I might suggest you lace up your closest-to-red shoes this Saturday, 3/26 at 8:45 AM for the Red Shoes Run (affectionately called the “mini-bridge run” by many…although perhaps not altogether “affectionately” by those actively in the process of running the “mini”-bridge), put on and sponsored by the Ronald McDonald House.  Although the run will be timed, you’ll notice that nowhere in my write-up, nor even in the name of the event itself, do we mention the word “race”.  This is entirely on purpose, because this event is one for the entire family; brothers and sisters, cousins and grandparents alike.  Because at the end of the day, 100% of the proceeds for this event stay in the coastal empire to assist sick children—no matter their maladies—as they strive to live healthy and enriching lives.  Come run.  Heck, come walk.  You can even crawl if you’d like (although I don’t recommend it; I’ve run that bridge before, and I can’t imagine elongating the process!).  But please come out all the same.  Come to tour the Ronald McDonald House.  Come to partake in free hotdogs and hamburgers.  Come for a free $10 McDonald’s Meal Deal voucher.  Or perhaps come for the pair of striped socks that every participant receives.  Maybe even come for the awesome stocking cap all age group winners receive (if you’re speedy enough).  No matter your reason, come out this Saturday and join us at the Red Shoes Run; not only will your donation change the life of a child forever, but it just may change yours, too.

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