No Boundaries Beginners 5k Training

I had the privilege of being one of the coaches for our No Boundaries Beginner’s 5K training program several years ago and I absolutely fell in love. On the first day we noticed a lot of uneasy looks on the faces of our participants. This was easily understandable though since after chatting with most of the group during the information session the week prior, we found out that many of our participants had either never ran before or for some, 5 to 10 to 20 years had gone by since their last run. Despite this, it didn’t take very long for the nervousness on that first day to dissolve, and be replaced by smiles and looks of encouragement and determination. Once we got the workout started and everyone realized that we weren’t going to act like drill sergeants and run them into the ground, I could feel their spirits lift. 

What is great about this program is that the training schedule starts off with low mileage and run/walk intervals that are very manageable for those who are just getting into running. Each week, the runs will gradually increase in mileage as well as run time vs. walk time. As you near the end of the program, you will have worked your way up to comfortably running over 3.1 miles, which will give you the endurance and mental advantage of doing more than your goal 5K distance. Our No Boundaries coaches will stress the importance of warming up and cooling down, cross training, rest days, hydration, and nutrition. We will walk you through stretching and strength exercises that will help prevent injuries later down the road as you continue running past the end of our program. No Boundaries will also provide the opportunity for you to consult with our coaches about your specific needs as it pertains to technical gear to keep you comfortable and performing your best. You’ll even get a technical No Boundaries t-shirt that you will love to workout in; it comes with your program registration fee! 

My favorite times during the program are when the participants have that “aha” moment (every single No Boundaries participant has it at some point in the first few weeks) when they realize they have just completed a 2 mile workout and are overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions including surprise, excitement, a sense of accomplishment and even a bit of confusion while instead of feeling miserable and tired, they actually feel terrific and ready for more. That’s what happens when you gradually work up to running more distance. One day it hits you that the workout you just did that seemed near impossible just weeks or months prior is now the norm and even comfortable for your body to accomplish. It’s a great feeling. My other favorite moments are when each and every No Boundaries participant crosses the finish line at the Susan G. Komen Savannah Race for the Cure in April. There is nothing more beautiful than the joy on people’s faces the moment they accomplish a goal they have worked hard for, and for many, it happens side by side with close friends they have developed through participating in our No Boundaries beginner’s 5K training program. 

Many of our No Boundaries Beginner’s 5K Training program participants have gone on to run 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons, and even ultra-marathons! Running can be a life-long sport, but careful caring for your body including knowing when to push it and when to rest along with information on proper gear will be key to your future success. If you are interested in participating in this year’s No Boundaries program, an info session will be held at Fleet Feet Sports Savannah on Wednesday, February 10th at 5:30pm. Training starts on Monday, February 22nd. Click here for more

We also are in need of more volunteer coaches! Please e-mail for more details on becoming a coach. 

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