It's Time to Race!

Race season is upon us…which means school is about to be back in session (or already is, in some cases) and the year has flown by! Where, oh where, did my summer go?—I had such high hopes for it…and all it gave in return was high temps and running weather that made me feel like I was jogging in place inside a sauna. In the desert. A sauna in the desert. But don’t despair! Race season is upon us once again. So all of us that have decreased our mileage for a myriad of reasons (vacations, the aforementioned heat, a general need for a break…the finale of The Bachelorette) now have a convenient excuse to get back after it, both for ourselves and the support of various charities around not only our county, but in some cases, the world. So whether you’ve been running every day, or fear you may have forgotten how to lace up your kicks (assuming you can even find them—check under your bed, where all unused things go to die) because of the amount of time it’s been in between runs, get out there and start moving again. It doesn’t have to be fast, and it doesn’t have to all get done in one fell swoop, but it does need to be consistent. Start slowly, make sure your friends and family members are solidly in your corner (you’re going to need their support!), and get ready to smile; there’s a reason you love to run, and I doubt it has much to do with the netting in your running shorts. And if you’re having a hard time finding motivation, sign up for a local 5K along the way. One step, one pant or dress size, one race at a time…the mileage will all get easier, but it will be fun all the while.
- Chris Ramsey

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