It's Not Always About How Fast You Go

Don't tell me about the hot weather. Not only is it hot, it's humid, sticky, and stifling sometimes, but mostly just plain old hot. We just have to keep moving though. We have to keep running right? Just weeks after my Ironman, my workout was a quick 2 hour workout, some biking and some running... not a problem for a guy who just went 12 hours plus. Right again? Wrong actually, just 3 miles into my run as I was just thinking to myself, "this kid is back and ready to go again", my legs went dead, just nothing. In the heat of the morning, I was down to nothing, so I realized very quickly that this kid is NOT back and it's going to take me a little more time to recover than I thought. And just as I was finishing that thing I called a run, I said to myself, "what a dummy", and I was, because at that point I realized I didn't practice what I preached. I had my watch on, I had my heart rate monitor on, and I was timing myself again when I didn't need to. It was a recovery run, it was supposed to be an easy workout, a shake-out if you will. And as I have always said, when you're recovering- why wear a watch? Why time anything? Just recover. So what's my point if you're not recovering for anything? Same point, as we have run thru the summer and as I see it living here we could be in hot weather all the way thru October. So do this as we try and try to wind down the summer, and it's running highs and lows. Take off your watch, your Timex, your Garmin, don't use your phone's timing device, don't even peak at the clock before you leave the house, just go run. No time, no heart rate monitoring, just go on your favorite mileage loop, and in your running log, just write "went for a run", and where it asks for time, just put, "Fun time" recovery.

Happy Running everyone, we are weeks away from cranking up race season again, looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road.

 - Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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