Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run 5K Celebration Run

Don’t forget everybody, this weekend is the Girls on the Run 5K Celebration Run. As the calendar fills up, and you have lots of choices for runs and events, keep this one thing in mind as you choose this weekend among all the runs and events happening. Events like Girls on the Run have an important and long lasting effect on our community and our girls in the area. My philosophy is the same: why would you go into a restaurant or retailer and give them money, which you worked for and earned, to get horrible service in return? Think about it, as it pertains to events, why give money to an event that just takes the money and runs (pun intended)? Let’s keep supporting local events that support local causes. Girls on the Run is just one of those events. Go to Girls on the Run and see the direct effect they are having on the girls in our area. Then you walk away saying, “money well spent and invested for the future”.  

Robert Espinoza 
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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