Get Your Rear in Gear Already!

Welcome back race season!  After a perfect-temperatured, super-successful  Seacrest Partners Race for Preservation this past weekend, we have yet another fan favorite coming up this weekend: Get Your Rear in Gear.  Get Your Rear in Gear is one of our more unique events, in that it is more of a celebration that an actual race; folks raise money in an attempt to bring awareness to, and fight, colon cancer…and then stick around after running/walking a 5K to enjoy a festive atmosphere (featuring food and drinks) with friends and family.  The course itself is essentially an out-and-back, predominantly run on Reynolds St., but what I like most about the race is the comradery –the sense of community—it almost requires of you; each and every year, certainly to the chagrin of would-be motorists, individuals and teams alike fan out across the road in a show of support for each other and the cause.  In each group you are nearly certain to see two to three generations present, laughing and smiling as they spend time together, forgetting—or at least not minding—the fact that it’s 8:15 in the morning and that they could be eating breakfast, or hitting the snooze button, or watching cartoons.

Thanks to the nearly-500 of you that have already registered, and to those of you that haven’t already done so: WHAT’S THE HOLD-UP?!—get your rear in gear already (see what I did there?)!  I hope to see each and every one of you this Saturday, March 5 at 8:15 at the Nancy N. & J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion (just remember: you can always eat breakfast after, take a mid-day nap, and record your favorite cartoons, after all).

 - Chris Ramsey 

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