Get Lean in 2015

The reason it sounds cool is because it rhymes, and it will for the next few years. What doesn’t sound cool is your telling me, “this is another weight loss program”? Maybe another resolution down the drain? Believe me people, the only weight loss program I have ever been on is when I was a wrestler, and I didn’t eat for days, but worked out twice a day. I chewed bubble gum and spit until I had nothing else left, weight loss to the bone. Smart? No. Fun? Yes. But now that I am on top of the hill or on the other side of it, I fight with my weight all the time. I’m addicted to Mexican food and don’t try to take away my Diet Dr. Pepper - that’s just not going to happen. My genetics tell me I should be big, my brain tells me no way for now. So I have never done a weight loss program or challenge, I just try to keep moving. But if you’re thinking about signing up for the Healthy Wage Get Lean in 2015 Challenge organized by Memorial Health with help from Fleet Feet and WTOC, this could be your time to make the leap. Most weight loss programs require you go at it alone. This one is not like that, when I say not alone, you’re going to be in a group of over 750 people. 750 local people all with the same goals, same thoughts, same actions, and reactions when you lose some or gain some. I’ve been there. It’s a 12 week, community weight loss challenge. And get this, if you lose 6 percent of your body weight you can get cash back. Participants pay $70 per person, and you get a full refund of your entry fee if you lose 10% of your body weight six months after the challenge ends. This challenge will run from January 9th until April 2nd. Get your family and friends together, if you can’t find a team, they will find one for you. Get your teams together, make this happen in 2015. Oh yes, I will be there with you also, I will be checking the scale, and checking it twice, and all the while, helping Savannah get healthy.   

 Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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