December: The Time for Tacky Sweater Parties...and the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run

As I sit down to write this, I realize it’s the first day of December; Christmas is nearly upon us, then the New Year.  What on earth happened to 2015 (as I was wishing my days away as a youth, my mother always warned me that time goes by more and more quickly as you get older, but c’mon, this is just plain ludicrous!)?!  As many of you prepare for the holiday season with the requisite tacky sweater parties, caroling, and volunteering (amongst so many other offerings), another occurrence oftentimes comes to mind as an ingrained, crucial part of your December DNA: the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run (and although the name has changed, the bridge remains the same!).  Whether you’re running (or walking…or crawling) the 5K, the 10K, or the dreaded Double Pump, I’m proud to say that the Bridge Run attracts folks from all walks of life like few other races in the country (through very little of my doing; that’s all due to the fantastic job the Sports Council and Enmarket do year in and year out, helping to make this a bucket list race for so very many people from all over).  If you’ve never participated, I invite you to do so; there is no time like the present (I realize it seems daunting, but you’ll feel terribly accomplished after finishing).  And if you still have no intentions of running/walking the race (even after my stirring, galvanizing words)…well, at least come out to hoot and holler for your fellow friends and neighbors; the weather should be near-perfect, and it’s not every day you see thousands of crazy people all in one place.

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