A Simple Hello

Communication is very much a hot-button topic these days, as political rhetoric flies during debate season and we become more and more engrossed in (and desensitized to) a bevy of television, telephone, and social media options. No matter the occurrence, and perhaps now more than ever, communication is both scalable and of the utmost importance; we mistake our passivity-our waiting for a status update or zoning out in front of the TV for dinner-as allowing for much-needed space and downtime, rather than reaching out to friends and family directly to show that we do care and are paying attention, no matter the gravity of the situation.

Whether you're running for president or managing a running store, reaching your community-both customers and co-workers alike-is key. Assuming someone knows something-allowing someone to potentially go uninformed-is both a sluggish and bad way to conduct "business", and shows a general lack of care or attention to detail. Sure, periodic emails to folks-friends, family, employees-is better than nothing (and certainly better than tagging...or even nagging...them on Facebook), but direct social interaction is always the best course of action. A simple "hello" in greeting, a "have a great night" as you're closing up shop, or even taking the time to check-in on how someone's weekend went shows true compassion and your empathy allows for an "I really matter" attitude the remainder of their day.

If you've been meaning to call someone, do it. If you've been meaning to get to know someone, do it. There is no day like today, and being that type of "leader" not only shows that you appreciate both them and that opportunity, but also makes you more human. And in this day and age, we can all use a bit more humanity in our lives.

 - Chris Ramsey 

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