A New Year, A New You

I know it's corny, but I had to use it. Here we go again everybody, 2015 - and I don't need a new YOU, or need an even more moving YOU. If you made a resolution, then do what you can to stick with it, but not all at one time. The Fabulous 14 Run Series is just the way to spread your fitness goals out and achieve the miles you want to out over the whole year whether you're walking or running. I had a gut feeling The Lucky 13 Run Series would be a success, but I had no idea it would be that much of a boost for running and fitness. I mean c'mon, I was looking for 75 to 100 max, and I would have turned a back flip if someone told me early on that we were going to have 222 register for Lucky 13. I would have cracked my head open trying, (FYI-I could do multiple back flips in HS), it's a little harder to do back flips with father time on your back. So here we are and I am not taking any back flip dares, because Fabulous 14 is already up to 177 and we have 3 weeks still until we cut off registration. You have to be registered by the Critz Tybee Run Fest, since that race is one of the mandatories. The Fabulous 14 is a great way to spread out your running and walking goals for 2015, and now it's easier to accomplish. Do 7 out of the 14 and you get a Fabulous 14 hooded sweat shirt at the end of the year. The Fabulous 14 Run Series is just not for the swift or the speedy, as we designed it. It's about staying consistent all year long. Now don't get me wrong, if you're fast, you will score a lot of points, and we saw it in a lot of the competition going on in the Lucky 13 Run Series, but here is an example of reward also going to the hard working. Alicia C. Harvey wrote me a letter telling me how much she enjoyed the Lucky 13 Run Series. Now get this, Alicia didn't place in any race, but she ran all 13 events earning the 13 bonus points at the end of the series, and placing 3rd in the masters division. Alicia said these things in the letter, "it made me get out of bed on the coldest day to run a race and a different course, (Bethesda in January), to a very hit train race in September, (Run for Jane, Ft. Pulaski). "I didn't give up because I wanted to earn that one point". "That one point kept me from staying in bed or doing something other than running". She summed up the letter with this, "I earned those points though drive, motivation, and determination. Through those three things I have a better outlook of my game of running. Without the Lucky 13 series, this would not have happened. So I take this time not to brag but to thank you and your crew for all you do for runners. Please keep driving us because your time, work and creativity are more influential than you realize!". Thanks Alicia you are the reason for these run series. You all heard the lady, let's keep driving! Fabulous 14 everyone, REGISTER TODAY!

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