Fleet Feet announces 32-Day training starting Oct. 26th

 When: October 26 - November 26

Cost: $20 with a $15 reward 

Welcome to Show Up: a 32-day approach to recharging your fitness goals. This program is designed to help you build long-lasting healthy habits, find balance, improve your fitness and feel amazing.

Whether you've never run before, or you are a seasoned runner looking to build strength and flexibility, or simply need a reset, this program is for you. Our 32-day program gives you a month of balanced training, plus a little something extra to be thankful for. The last day is Thanksgiving, making it a perfect way to get in shape for a Turkey Trot. 

  • Upon registration, get a custom-made e-journal delivered to your inbox (you can fill this out electronically or print it out) with daily prompts to help you set goals, reflect and share gratitude with yourself and others. 
  • Daily workouts (delivered in the form of a video) are a thoughtful combination of running, strength and mobility, yoga, HIIT, breath work, mindfulness and gratitude/goal setting journaling. Additionally, each workout links to bonus articles from the Fleet Feet Blog.

  • PLUS, enjoy exclusive access to LIVE Zoom workshops with leading experts from the running and wellness industry.

  • And if all that’s not enough motivation, you get $15 in Fleet Feet rewards on Day 2. You can spend this in-store or online. In order to receive this $15 Reward,  please join the free Fleet Feet Rewards program by downloading our app here or by creating an account on fleetfeet.com

You can also share updates on Instagram, using the hashtags #showup and #togetherwemove.

Ready to get started? Register now!  


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