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There’s a phrase we use here at Fleet Feet Sports called “be the movement.” It’s a phrase meant to encourage and inspire, a phrase used to call out the gold in people.

The phrase is also the background for the start of this blog. There’s only so much you can say during the fit process, a random Facebook post or an e-mail newsletter. We wanted a place to discuss ideas, share stories and further educate customers who walk through the door and join the Fleet Feet Santa Rosa family.

This isn’t about product-pushing or follower-gaining. It’s about chronicling a journey and fueling a movement.

How do you believe in yourself enough to run your first 5K?

How do you learn how to prevent injuries without giving up your daily run?

How do you inspire others around you to partake in the mysterious joy of running?

Being the movement starts with you. It starts with you lacing up your shoes, sipping down your cup of coffee and stepping out the door to take the first step. It starts with you looking in the mirror and refusing to think negative thoughts like “I need to lose 10 pounds to be beautiful” or “I’m just a jogger, not a runner.” It starts with you turning the tide against inactivity and realizing “healthy” is a state of mind.

And this? This being the movement thing? We’re all in. We’re with you.

Trampling down walls and tearing down excuses,

The Fleet Feet Santa Rosa Staff

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